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Comment by Michelle L. Hofacker on June 21, 2013 at 7:43pm

I read this book recently and it was an awesome read. Thought I would share my review and help promote the book .

It can be purchased on : .Amazon US:

Noah's Ark
by Andrew J Morgan
5 *'s
 This book has to be the best apocalypse thiller I have read so far. I loved it. As soon as I started reading it I could not put it down. There is so much going on that will grab you and keep you on the edge of your seat. There is action, thrills, scary parts, mysteries, romance and not just one apocalypse, but you get multiple!! How awesome is that??
 The imagery and detail is incredible. It is almost like watching a movie they are so clear. For me, I know it's great when my favorite character is a serial killer and it's not just because it's taking place during an apocalypse.
This is a book that a fan of any genre would love.

Comment by ZOMBIE on July 20, 2012 at 1:31pm
UNDEAD by John Russo (2011 Cemetery Dance Publications /282 pp /limited hc)
This limited edition of UNDEAD from Cemetery Dance contains two stories by John Russo, co-writer of the screenplay for George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968). The first is the novelization of the movie, from Barbara and Johnny’s first encounter with a walking ghoul in the graveyard, through the trials of Ben and the others trying to survive the night in the farmhouse.  We are also told more about Sheriff McClellan and his organized posse trying to clear out the ghouls from the farmland in Pennsylvania.
The second story is RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, but it has no relation whatsoever to the 1985 horror/comedy.  Russo’s RETURN is a straight sequel to NIGHT, taking place ten years after the first zombie incidents.  McClellan is still sheriff and recalls vividly what happened during the first outbreak, and how they were able to contain it.  There has been a church congregation that has performed certain rituals on the dead to ensure that they don’t reanimate.  Both McClellan and members of the church respond to a horrific bus accident.  The church members have not been able to treat all of the dead and McClellan now has another outbreak on his hands.  What’s worse is that there are gangs of looters and criminals roaming the countryside, as well as the reanimated dead.
What I really liked about NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (besides the fact that it’s the novel of my favorite horror film ever) is the detail John Russo was able to add to the story.  We learn more about Ben, in particular, and an incident that was not in the original film and adds a different spin on the familiar ending.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie doesn’t quite have the same effectiveness in print, but it still works overall.
RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is a completely new story, though it takes place in the same county and the sheriff is still in office.  It is just as gruesome and hopeless as NIGHT, and the newer characters and their situations are equally compelling.  If you’re a fan of zombie lit, and movies, for that matter, UNDEAD is one book you should add to your collection.
-Colleen Wanglund



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