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Brewing Coffee and Trouble

Brewing Coffee and Trouble



When I had been on the road with Ship and Kat, we generally ate what we could find.  Canned and dried stuff or MREs.  The food at Atlantis, my new home, had been superior.  Then I was a “guest” at Baldy Mountain, and the food had been standard cafeteria stuff.  It was good.  Reminded me of prison food.  A lot of soups, cheese pizza, and pasta.  Not a tremendous amount of meat, and the dairy products were…


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So he was from Texas.  He began on a fantastical story about how he was caught in San Francisco when the plague hit.  He met up with a group of good people, and they got to Alcatraz, where they were fortifying and trying to make it.  There’s apparently a military presence on the island as well.


What was really a great plot twist is that he had traversed the country from coast to coast with a group of Navy SEALs trying to…


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South Of Baldy

South of Baldy



We drove for about an hour at maybe forty MPH, so my advanced math told me we were about forty miles south of the facility, which Tim had called simply Baldy.  It would be getting dark in a few hours.  An older house, complete with barn up a long paved driveway appeared off the road.  After the day we had, I really wanted some quality rack time, and this looked like as good a place as any.  I pulled off the road and drove up to…


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There were more than just a couple of eyes looking back at me.  The damn vent was full of them.  How the hell had they gotten in there?  Zombie pole vaulters?  Zombie Ninjas or acrobats?   I grabbed the end of the wheeled chair and pushed the pile of crap further down the shaft.  Having seen me though, the infected were going ape shit, and fought back.


I calmly asked Tim for the vent grate, screws and a screwdriver.  He complied, but the grate was bent, and we were only able…


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Bring on the zombie apocalypse!


We're making a zombie apocalypse game where you control the zombies instead of fighting against them, and we figured that since you guys are zombie fans, you might be interested!

The game is called Necromancer and will be available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. We're trying…


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LAST day to bid on RARE Zombie indie Bluray and Screenplay RARE. COLLECTOR'S. Award Winning indie horror , One Last Sunset. Signed Bluray and Original Script. Happy Bidding !…


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Just a Peek


The world I knew was gone.  I had known it for some time.  Every major city on the planet is lifeless.  Every big town, every small town.  Of course there must be survivors.  A farmstead, or some folks in the hills.  People who were either not in populated areas, or somehow escaped them as or before the plague struck may have survived.  There is no doubt that humans are no longer the dominant life form on the planet.  I know this.


Yet when Tim showed me recordings of…


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Zombies Zombies Everywhere and Not a Drop To Drink

I want a beer.  Most times when I’m really thirsty, I want a soft drink or water, but damn a beer sounds good.  Not one of those Yuppie micro brews, or foreign heavy beer.  I want a mass-produced, ice cold, fizzy, American brew.


But water would do. 


I’m hoping the fact that I’m thirsty and have no access to liquid has dawned on you.  How, you are obviously demanding, how is it possible that you are thirsty, when you currently reside in a facility…


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MONSTER GIRLS- A Dark Comedy about Millenial Monsters

Kickstarter for Monster Girls.


My name is Will Holt, and I am a Company Member with the ambitious theater and film development company, A Working Theater. We've done a lot of great work this past year…


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A Working Theater Presents MONSTER GIRLS (Working Title)

Brave Undead.

My name is Will Holt, and I am a Company Member with the ambitious theater and film development company, A Working Theater. We've done a lot of great work this past year and are starting to get notice. We’re embarking on a new TV show, filming this spring called Working Title: Monster Girls that revolves around three girls/monsters who become friends: Hazel the demon trying to find a way back home, Half-Off…


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Short But Sweet

You would think, what with my melt-down, The Powers That Be would have me permanently strapped to that hospital bed as I had been initially.  Nope.  My little tantrum worked wonders.  I’ve been out of my hospital prison room too.  Two armed guards and an armed Lynch escort me everywhere, but I’ve gotten to see some of this facility. 


It’s big.


I was on a hospital floor, and as I suspected, we’re underground.  There are no exterior windows anywhere, so I asked…


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The End of The Beginning

The End of the Beginning



The floor is always cold.  Every time I step foot off this hospital bed, my feet tell me how cold that damn floor is.  Its fucking freezing and they won’t even give me socks.  Slippers are out of the question.  I mean WTF?  What harm could socks or slippers do?  My effing tootsies are cold.  All I have to wear is a blue hospital Johnny, not that I’m a fashion king, but my ass is hanging out.


My room,…


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Shit Magnet

Holy shit what the hell was I thinking?  They went left, we went right at the end of the corridor.  Evidence of undead attacks were everywhere.  That classic bloody drag mark.  Bloody hand prints on the bulkheads.  Broken doors and bullet brass.  If all this shit was here, it indicated that there were zombies here too.

We followed the still illuminated exit signs until we came to a closed hatch.  The lights were flickering, but the exit signs weren’t, the signs being on their own…


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Survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

INFECTED is FREE 8-10 Jan. 3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Will YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?




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Separate Ways

It never ceases to amaze me what people are wearing when they return from the dead seeking the flesh of the living.  I guess if you get overwhelmed, or die quickly, then you don’t have a chance to change.  Or maybe you get too sick, or just don’t give a shit.  Whatever the case may be, when the plague first struck Boston, it was November, and pretty chilly, although not freezing, so everybody had clothes on.

So when the twenty-something chickie, wearing cutoff jeans and a disgusting…


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'Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz' Gets Trailer and Date

XLrator Media, which successfully released Outpost II: Black Sun last year, has acquired Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz out of last year’s Cannes.

We now have the film’s official trailer, as well as release news: Catch it on VOD platforms January 21 with a limited theatrical release on March 18.

Written by Rae Brunton, Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz marks Kieran Parker’s directorial debut, delivering more action as the un-dead…


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Ship of Fools

It took thirty minutes to reach the ship.  They had painted it a shitty sky-blue, and it had MAERSK LINES on the side in letters you could undoubtedly see from the moon.  We circled the ship once in the chopper, and Captain Bob (no shit) pointed out that there were no life boats or those orange floaty circle thingies left on board.  There were tents and stuff on the deck, and it looked as if some of the containers had been used as housing, at least from the air.  Captain Bob said that there…


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It always amazes me what humans, as a species, can accomplish.  This structure we were now on was a fucking marvel.  Firstly, it was big.  I mean huge like a skyscraper huge.  Maybe not as tall, but I guarantee you there was just as much space on this rig as in most office buildings.  They had thought of everything too.  They make their own water, nearly endless supplies of fuel and power. Food for fifty people for a solid year, and not shit food, good food.  Really good food.  My…


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Avast Me Hearties!

I love talking like a pirate.  It almost got me killed in the joint, but I couldn’t help it.   Guy had a fucking eye patch, so I called him cap’n, and he tried to shiv me.  How was I supposed to know the dude was some kind of Aryan royalty?  Actually, now that I think of it, he was covered in Aryan tattoos and I was just a dumbass.

But I digress.

One of the bad parts of our grand plan, something we didn’t think of, was starting the boat.  There were no keys, and we all kinda…


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Dead City chapter 1

Dead City

Chapter 1

Wakefield city centre was dead the living dead shambled about looking for some meat to eat, the only sign of life was a sniper watching the walking dead through the scope of his L115A1 sniper rifle from where he lay overlooking the city centre. Already a veteran of Afghanistan where he had seen some nasty things whilst on his six month tour of duty but the things he had seen recently made Afghanistan seem like a distant…


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