Zombie Makeup Live Demo by Stan Winston School of Character Arts - Sat. Oct. 13th 1:30PM

Saturday, Oct. 13th 1:30PM  - Grammy Museum at LA Live -


BRUCE SPAULDING FULLER - THE MONSTER MAKER Stan Winston School of Character Arts invites you to an afternoon zombie makeup application with special makeup effects master, Bruce Spaulding Fuller. In his more than 30-year career in Hollywood, Bruce has lent his creature artistry to some of the most iconic fantasy & horror films of all-time, including EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, PREDATOR 2, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS, the UNDERWORLD franchise & THOR. Please join us for this in-depth demonstration of the undead arts by one of the world's top monster makers.

KURT CARLEY - THE ZOMBIE Stan Winston School is also excited to shine a spotlight on veteran creature suit performer Kurt Carley in today's Zombie FX demonstration. A monster performance master, Kurt will embody Bruce Spaulding Fuller's undead makeup effects to become an undead nightmare before your eyes. Kurt's many credits include GODZILLA, the UNDERWORLD franchise, LAND OF THE LOST, BATMAN: DEAD END & LADY IN THE WATER.

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